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Ommatidia es una performance audiovisual online que simula la visión de las moscas mediante el uso de un código de visualización. Fue creado por Claude Heiland-Allen, matemático, artista, desarrollador de software e investigador británico, y Laura Nets, artista, curadora e investigadora española. Se ha exhibido en PIKSEL (Bergen), STWST48x6 MORE LESS (Linz) e IKLECTIK (Reino Unido).

La pieza no solo pone al espectador en el ojo de una mosca, sino que también crea una experiencia de inmersión trascendental que responde a la música e invita a la audiencia a repensar su relación con insectos y otras especies. Esta última idea es crucial en una época donde el Antropoceno, la edad geológica gobernada por el hombre, es el paradigma establecido.

Ommatidia is an online-audiovisual performance which simulates the vision of flies by using visualization code.  It was created by Claude Heiland-Allen, a British mathematician, artist, software developer and researcher, and Laura Nets, a Spanish artist, curator and researcher. It has been exhibited in PIKSEL (Bergen) , STWST48x6  MORE LESS  (Linz),  and IKLECTIK (UK). 

The piece not only puts the viewer in the eye of a fly, but it also creates a trascendental immersive experience which is responsive to music, and invites the audience to rethink their relationship with insects and other species. This last idea is crucial in an era where the Anthropocene, the geological age governed by humans, is the established paradigm. 


Claude Heiland-Allen is an artist from London interested in the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, unusual geometries, and mathematical aesthetics. From 2005 through 2011 He was a member of the GOTO10 collective, whose mission was to promote Free/Libre Open Source Software in Art. Since 2011, Claude has continued as an independent artist, researcher and software developer. His current main projects include various deep zooming tools for 2D escape time fractals (et, kf, zoomasm), musical performance live-coding in the C programming language (clive), and a postfix bytebeat/rampcode music system with a collaborative web-based interface based on Etherpad (barry). 

Laura Netz is a curator, artist and researcher established in London since 2009. Has collaborated with various institutions such as Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, Museum of Transitory Art, or International Symposium on Electronic Arts. In 2015, she launched her independent record label EAM Elektronische-art-and-music. Laura Netz is an active participant in the hacker community. Although the artists creates her own DIY oscillators prototypes based on Hardware Hacking by Nick Collins, and also develops workshops on DIY circuitry for beginners, during Medial Dark Ages performance the artist is using prototypes from: Mutan Monkey Analog Instruments, DIY opto-oscillators; Martin Howse, Detektors; and Cyrille Henry, Nozoïd, MMO-3.​

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