CUNA is an educational platform located in Mexico City. Our curriculum explores the interconnections between art, science and technology. Our educational model adapts to local and global needs and problems.


We create a platform for playful experimentation and serious engagement with the constant flux, and redefinition of society and humanity.


Our educators are active practitioners working with these topics, from diverse backgrounds that include Activists, Artists, Philosophers, Researchers, Scientists, and Technologists.


Who is CUNA for?


We are not looking for a specific checklist of academic qualifications and we do not require previous experience in the thematic areas of our courses.


We are open-minded towards who may come through our doors. Participants may come from science, computer, art, creative design, philosophy, or something else! What is important to us is that participants show curiosity and willingness to expose themselves to new and potentially completely unfamiliar thinking.


We believe that a critical understanding of how society and humanity are changing through technology and science is a public right.


We exist to spread these ideas and create communities of informed thought, and critical thinking, citizens. We believe that creative exploration of these ideas through artistic practice allows us to examine problems from new angles, deepen understanding, and expose new possibilities. If this sounds exciting, then CUNA is for you!




Cuna is an international educational platform of Art, Science and Technology located in Mexico City, which exposes Mexicans with cutting-edge thinking and technologies, connects experts with civic society and proposes a collaborative-horizontal educational model that caters to local and global needs and issues quickly. We are aimed at the curious and determined minds, who can come from any background. 


We want CUNA to cross cultural and economic boundaries; that is, expand its reach to various sites in Latin America and penetrate to many socio-economic levels in a span of 3 years. We intend to consolidate a relevant intellectual community which is involved with local and global causes, so that together we  can improve and re-design reality.



CUNA´s culture is defined by valuing empathy and cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. We seek to be coolhunters in terms of our lines of exploration (art, science and technology), sharing our findings as a family. It is important to our meet goals, but always have fun in the process. For CUNA, dialogue, truth and good are the basis of everything: both between the team, with collaborators and with our users.


Regina Alatriste

Co-founder & Director 

Regina Alatriste is a writer & filmmaker living in CDMX.

Regina´s artwork proposes new worlds and explores the human condition from a philosophical and poetical perspective. She has exhibited her art in Mexico, Canada, Spain and France.

She studied Film in York University (Toronto), a BFA in Fashion in IBERO (CDMX) ,and Digital Economy at Alibaba Business School (Hanghzou). 


Thomas Disley 


Thomas Disley works with civic technology on social issues. He has researched, designed and implemented non-profit projects across Governance, Clean Energy and Health.

He has spoken about his work at NYU, The New School and Parson's School of Design Strategies, and he was a Data Science and Social Good Fellow at University of Washington.


Alberto Martini

Communication Strategist 

Alberto Pablo Martini is the founder of EYDOS Digital, Digital Manager for MUTEK México and a partner in Departamento Studio Bar (CDMX).  

He was an editor for .GPB magazine and a producer for Bioma Radio, nominated by Mixcloud as the best Latin American radio station in 2015. Alberto has earned awards and recognitions for his work from Google and Singularity University and speaks regularly at international conferences on Digital Strategies.


Mariana Barrón 

Digital PR

Mariana Barrón graduated as an architect, her career has been developed in communication & press strategy of cultural projects.   In the institutional field, she was in charge of the digital interpretation coordination at MUAC - UNAM (University Museum of Contemporary Art by the National Autonomous University of Mexico).  

Also, she was the press coordinator of festivals & projects like Arquine, MEXTRÓPOLI, MUTEK MX, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño  & Aura Cultura

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León García 

Digital Mkt & Analyst 

León García es un actuario que tiene un gran capacidad para analizar datos duros con comportamientos y patrones humanos gracias a sus conocimientos de Big Data y objetivos orientados de proyectos.

Su experiencia e interés en trabajos sociales y colaborativos es un gran valor agregado para cada proyecto que realiza.


Beatriz Castañeda 

UX Design & Animation 

Beatriz Castañeda is an avid learner and has developed a self-learning method fit to meet her creative standards. She has worked in some of Mexico´s City most important desgin festivals such as DocsMX and Filux, and participated as a concept artist in multiple Game Jams.


 She is deeply inspired by her love to comics and videogames, and is deeply passionate about illustration and animation design.

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Fátima Pastrana 

Social Media Creative 

Fátima Pastrana estudia comunicación en la Universidad Anáhuac México, y se especializa en el área de marketing. Explora el diseño, el arte digital y la animación. Ha colaborado con colectivos feministas tales como Casi Creativos y Arte XIII. 

Ha entrevistado a artistas como Fabián Chairez y Rocío Romero, los cuáles la han inspirado y motivado a desenvolverse en el arte contemporáneo.